Mittal Interio is not just a name; it's a promise of excellence in the world of interior.

Our journey began with a simple belief:

Lighting up your homes with the perfect ambiance requires careful consideration. At Mittal Interio, we understand the nuances of creating the ideal lighting setting, and to guide you through this process, we offer personalized lighting consultations at every step of your lighting journey.

Our dedicated consultants provide a complimentary on-spot audit, delivering practical and reliable lighting solutions tailored to your unique lifestyle. Beyond just recommendations, we go the extra mile by assisting you in the design process and selecting fixtures that seamlessly integrate with your vision.

Much like our commitment to lighting, Mittal Interio extends this bespoke approach to every facet of your living and working spaces. From premium flooring that exudes opulence to bespoke home and office furniture that strikes a perfect balance between form and function, and state-of-the-art sanitary hardware that adds a touch of modern sophistication – we redefine luxury living.

With Mittal Interio, you not only receive expert guidance but also a partner in crafting spaces that resonate with sophistication and elegance. Your lighting, flooring, furniture, and sanitary hardware choices are more than just selections – they are a reflection of your lifestyle and individuality.

vision move us

At Mittal Interio, our vision is to be the leading name in interior design and create homes that resonate with elegance, functionality, and personal style. We aim to transform spaces into living art, setting new standards in design, craftsmanship, and customer satisfaction. Through innovative concepts and a commitment to excellence, we envision turning every dwelling into a reflection of the unique personalities and aspirations of our clients. Our unwavering dedication to creativity, quality, and sustainability will continue to shape the homes of tomorrow, making Mittal Interio a trusted symbol of inspired living

Your Guide to Mittal Interio's Comprehensive Solutions

Explore our FAQ section to find answers to common queries about Mittal Interio's offerings. Whether you're an end-customer, interior designer, architect, or contractor, discover valuable insights into our lighting, flooring, office furniture, modular wardrobes, and modular kitchen solutions. Streamline your experience with Mittal Interio as we address your concerns and provide the information you need for a seamless journey in transforming your spaces.

Who can benefit from Mittal Interio's offerings?

Mittal Interio caters to a diverse clientele, including end-customers, interior designers, architects, and contractors. Whether you're enhancing your home or working on a project, our comprehensive solutions are tailored to meet your needs.

Can I customize the designs of the modular wardrobes and kitchens?

Absolutely! Mittal Interio specializes in offering customizable solutions. You can work closely with our experts to personalize the designs of your modular wardrobes and kitchens, ensuring they align perfectly with your preferences.

What types of lighting solutions does Mittal Interio provide?

Mittal Interio offers a wide range of lighting solutions, from ambient to task lighting. Whether you're looking for contemporary fixtures or classic designs, our collection caters to various styles and preferences for homes and commercial spaces.

Do you provide installation services for office furniture and modular solutions?

Yes, Mittal Interio offers professional installation services for office furniture, modular wardrobes, modular kitchens, and other solutions. Our skilled team ensures that the installation process is seamless, saving you time and effort.

How can interior designers and architects collaborate with Mittal Interio?

Interior designers and architects can collaborate with Mittal Interio to access our extensive range of products and services. Our team is dedicated to supporting professionals in creating bespoke, visually stunning spaces for their clients.

Is there a showroom where I can view your products in person?

Yes, Mittal Interio has showrooms where you can experience our products firsthand. Visit our showroom to explore our Lighting Our knowledgeable staff will assist you in making informed decisions for your projects.

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